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The specific advantages of NutriPlus©

  • With ideal values (for healthy people and sportspersons) and normal values (in the case of poor nutritional status)
  • Measurements on children, from the age of just 3 years
  • Analysis mode for bedridden patients, also without weight measurements
  • At-a-glance diagnostics using new vectorgraphs according to Piccoli
  • Special comparison values for adiposity Degrees I to III
  • Automatic fat correction - eliminating unwanted water fluctuations
  • Comprehensive, illustrated help registers, tips and tables
  • Utilising the worlds largest BIA database featuring more than 15,000 children and 210,000 adults

Sample printout


simple printout

  1. Individualised letterhead
  2. Data in Overview
  3. Z-score vectorgraph
  4. Choice of ideal values or normal values
  5. Graphics for rapid assessment, either with some nice smileys  or simple arrows 
  6. All pages can be individually displayed and switched off

NutriPlus© Demo Version for Downloading

With NutriPlus© we are offering you one of the most sophisticated and powerful software packages around for BIA diagnostics. Here you can download a demo version of NutriPlus©, and test it for 30 days free of charge. After the 30 days have elapsed, you can decide whether you would like to receive a licence for NutriPlus©. And if you already have an older Nutri version from Data Input GmbH, you can continue to use this without any problems - irrespective of the download.

Download the demo version for 30 days free of charge and without obligation! (zip-file 27.7 MB)

NutriSegment Demo Version for Downloading

Download NutriSegment as demo version (zip-file 1.2 MB)

NutriBoxDisplay for Downloading

Download NutriBoxDisplay  (zip-file 20 kB)

Advantages of NutriPlus©

1. Measurements for children as well, from the age of just 3 years

Photograph of four childrenNutriPlus© enables BIA measurements measurements to be taken from children and young people, as from the age of 3 years.

In conjunction with Jena und Kiel Universities, data on more than 15,000 children aged between 3 and 18 have been recorded. For each compartment, the most important percentiles (P3, 10, 50, 90 and 97) are reproduced - plus the common German BMI percentiles. Thus in every age-group body water, body fat and lean body mass can be reliably assessed.

2. At-a-glance diagnostics using vectorgraphs according to Piccoli: reliable diagnostics without computation formulae

At first glance, the vectorgraphs may look a bit complicated. But with the aid of the new diagnostic tables assessment is really quite easy, and after only a few examples you wouldn't want to be without this ingenious method!

Sample diagramm

As simple as it is informative: typical localisation procedures for the most frequent diagnoses and findings in the vectorgraph

Special advantages of Data Input GmbH vectorgraphs

  • Simple interpretation using two new diagnostic tables - two glances suffice
  • Solid, representative database thanks to new normal vectorgraph derived from a database of 85,000 (!) subjects. Exclusively developed for Data Input GmbH by the method’s inventor, Prof. A. Piccoli

The group-specific vectorgraphs have been developed in conjunction with the Internal Medicine Department of Padua University (headed by Prof. A. Piccoli) and the Institute for Human Nutrition and Food Studies of Kiel University (headed by Prof. M. J. Müller). These new vectorgraphs are based on data from precisely 228,899 subjects - the largest data pool ever used so far for vectorgraphs.

Literature on the subject:
Patterns of bioelectrical impedance vector distribution by body mass index and age

3. Analytical mode for bedridden patients and cases requiring continuous nursing, without any weight measurements

The body weight is an essential measured value for most BIA analyses. This is why in most cases a BIA analysis is not possible for patients who cannot be weighed.

Here, NutriPlus© can help, using a special formula that manages without the body weight parameter. The method does not achieve quite the accuracy of the customary, weight-based measurement, but nonetheless provides a meaningful analysis. In cases requiring continuous nursing care, particularly, this facilitates an assessment of the nutritional status.

Help table: estimating body height from the length of the ulna (pdf-file 87 KB)

4. Automatic body fat correction

A new block of formulas that masks out water fluctuations - most frequent cause of imprecise body fat values:

In BIA measurements, fluctuations in total body water and the electrolyte lead to changes in the body’s electrical conductivity, which influences the determination of total body water and lean body mass, and thus of the body fat mass as well. In the BIA report, this creates unwanted jags and spikes in the body fat curve, which are difficult for laypersons to comprehend. NutriPlus uses the patient's resistance values to compute an individual correction factor, providing physiological compensation for the body fat values. The function has been exhaustively evaluated, and is recommended for use.

Table body fat

Figure: Example for the comparison of an corrected fat and uncorrected fat in the course of a diet.

Function of the automatic body fat correction in detail (pdf-file 133 KB)

Other ingenious extras

  • New result printout: automatic classification of the most important parameters into low - normal - high, plus an easily comprehensible explanatory text for patients.
  • New tabulated »Diagnostic Aid« contains the most frequent causes for BIA results with pathological findings. It lists direct and indirect causes for deviations. The Diagnostic Aid has proved its worth as a user-friendly, practical assistant.
  • Multifarious additional help functions (tips, application photos, BIA lexicon, etc.). We will be pleased to answer all your questions regarding the new NutriPlus© BIA software package - also available, by the way, as an affordable update for your BIA unit from Data Input GmbH.