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Nutriguard-MS—Professional Multi-Frequency Impedance Analyser with Tool for Measurement Segmental

Impedance Analysis Apparatus Nutriguard-MS Technical Data

Area of measurement 0 - 999 Ohm
Resolution of measurement 1 Ohm
Exactness of measurement ± 0.5 % of measurement value
± 1 Digit.
± 0.5 % from the end of the scale
Area of measurement 0 - 250 Ohm
Resolution of measurement 1 Ohm
Exactness of measurement ± 2.0 % of measurement value
± 1 Digit
± 2.0 % from the end of the scale
Current outlet from the FW 7333 AC/DC adapters 12 [Volt] co-current flow, 700 mA
Measurement Current 0,8 mA bei 5, 50 und 100 kHz (mit Z=0 - 1000 Ohm)
Exactness of the measurement current ± 3 %
Measurement frequency 5, 50 or 100 kHz Sinusoidal frequency
Source of electrical current Built-in battery
Apparatus type Impedance-Analyser
Apparatus name Nutriguard-MS
Class of protection Nutriguard-MS Apparatus with internal electrical current
Degree of protection Nutriguard-MS Type B
Class of protection for the charger Apparatus in the protection class II
Type of current for the charger Primary A.C., secondary D.C. conversion
Potential 230 V
Rated power 200 mA
Weight ca. 1.800 g

The exact details given for the measurement values are only valid for opposition in Ohm-based, high capacity components.